Caroline Gautier


Caroline Gautier, was born in Geneva. She studied music (piano, song) and literature at the Universities of Geneva and Rome and became subsequently a student of the great lyric artist and one of the most eminent French soprano’s of her generation, Janine Micheau in Paris. From 1980 onwards, Caroline concentrates on the musical possibilities of the language and spends a lot of time in the USA where she practices vocal improvisation and ‘sound poetry’ (poesie sonore) in the Napora Institute in Boulder, Colorado. This is an artistic art form bridging literary and musical composition, in which the phonetic aspects of the language are used rather than the conventional semantic values in ‘verse without words’. She continues this work till today.

Caroline is at the origin of the rediscovery of the ‘melodrama’, which consists of the superimposition of a text, more or less spoken, recited or chanted and a instrumental part. She researches texts and partitions in libraries of France and Germany. This repertoire, which had fallen into desuetude, is being revived thanks to Caroline. Her recordings in this genre are indispensable references.

Finally Caroline has created her own Group, ‘Bouche d’or’ (Golden Mouth) for which she creates audacious performances which are a combination of theatre and music and has performed among others in the Opera La Bastille and in the Festival of Avignon. Her creation ‘Chat Perche, Opera Rural’ was transmitted on Arte TV and awarded the Young Audience music award in Umeda (Sweden).

Caroline is also is a great teacher for singers and actors, and directs regularly masterclasses on the repertoire of the ‘melodrama’, including in the International foundation Theo Lieven Lake Como.

30 November 2019


Ferdinand Freiligrath / Friederich von Flotow: from « Der Blumen Rache »
G. August Bürger / Franz Liszt « Lenore »
Adolph von Pratoverbera / Franz Schubert: « Abschied von der Erde »
Marcel Proust/ Reynaldo Hahn: « Portrais de Peintres »
Erik Satie/ Erik Satie: « Sports et Divertissements »
Sully Prudhomme / Camille Saint Saëns: « Le Cygne »



Viale Felice Cavallotti 7, 22100 (Como) – Italy


Full: € 30,00 / Reduced: € 20,00





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